Further Consideration Of Essential Criteria In Selection Process

It’s worth it. Another type of information that is frequently asked of applicants is self-evaluative information. sitesSome applicants may be forthcoming with information but you may need to ask follow-up or directive questions of others. Optimizes search engine results by ensuring job postings rank high in candidate search results when searching on-line Determines FSA classification and is used to map to the appropriate Payroll Title Identifies tasks, work flow and accountability, enabling the department to plan how it will operate and grow Assists in establishing performance objectives Is used for career planning and training by providing clear distinctions between levels of responsibilities and competencies required Is used as a benchmark to assist in ensuring internal and external equity Identify Duties and Responsibilities Prior to developing the job description the hiring manager should identify the following: Basic position and pay information will need to be determined to assist with the development of the job description and job classification and for entering into the ATC. As you review applicant qualifications, eligible veteran and disabled veteran applicants must be given a 5% veterans or 10% disabled veterans preference. Our procedures and database have several safeguards that prevent lawyers from “gaming” the system. This regulation prohibits discrimination against qualified protected veterans, and requires affirmative action by covered prime contractors and subcontractors to employ and advance in employment qualified protected veterans. A good interviewer will be an active listener and use both verbal and non-verbal cues to encourage the applicant to divulge pertinent information. Some companies require drug screening to make sure candidates do not have a drug addiction.

selection process

selection process

interim superintendent. Seitzs contract runs out at the end of June, although it could be extended into December 2017. “We did a rough draft of a calendar, working backwards from July 2017, the date when we would like to have candidates selected. There are a lot items that have to happen in short order,” Berrios told the board, referring to the recent work done by the Strategic Planning Committee. Berrois gave the board three choices: find a consultant to work full time finding the next superintendent; hire a part-time consultant to advise the board on parts of the search process, or do the heavy lifting in-house without the aid of a consultant. The board unanimously agreed that a part-time consultant would be the best choice. “I like idea of part-time consultant because we still retain control over this. Doing it in-house would be an enormous undertaking and work. This board is not experienced enough to handle that successfully,” said Judy Mayer, a board member.

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